How to remove snow in the country

Winter nature looks magical and cozy. However, it also brings a lot of worries and troubles. During the cold weather, the country house should be visited periodically. One of the main reasons is the timely snow removal.


It is necessary to remove snow in the country in a timely manner

  1. Snow blocks access to buildings. It is not too happy to go out of town and find out that the gate does not open and you can not get to the site. Or drive into the garage. Or open the barn door. Even if you periodically visit the country, but do not remove the snow, but simply trample it, sooner or later the level of snow cover on the paths will rise to a critical level, and the doors will stop opening
  2. The alternation of cold weather-warming leads to the fact that the frozen water leaks cause the expansion of existing cracks on the blind areas, foundations, paving slabs
  3. With the onset of spring, the melting of a plentiful mass of snow will lead to flooding on the site

Snow can damage your property. For example, breaking down, take a piece of the roof with you. To break the eaves or gutters. Destroy the greenhouse. Destroy or damage fruit and berry trees and shrubs. Cut off the electrical or Internet cable. Crush a car or vehicle. In general, bring a lot of trouble

How to save time and effort on snow removal

Prevent, not fight: if you do not remove the snow, then according to the law of conservation of mass, it will be more and more. And this is not some white-fluffy cotton wool, but an unaffordable snow "blanket" weighing hundreds of kilograms

Remove snow during or immediately after a snowfall. The fact is that during a snowfall, the temperature rises slightly, and after it ends, it falls. As a result, ice forms on the snow cover and snowdrifts turn into immovable blocks that have to be hammered and broken

Mechanize the process. Snow removal is a physically demanding job that not everyone can do. Below we will look at the various devices and mechanisms that will help you effectively cope with snow removal.

How to start cleaning the territory

The driveway, the place at the gate, the main path from the gate to the house.

Paths from the house to the buildings in order of their importance (outdoor toilet, shed, etc.).


Blind spots of the house and all buildings


The simplicity and accessibility of this tool determines its popularity. A shovel or a sapper shovel is not suitable, you need a snow shovel.

The right snow shovel:

wide and captures a lot of snow at once;
it has sides that prevent snow from falling from the sides;
light (so as not to become exhausted after the first 10 minutes of active physical work in the garden).

SCRAPER (engine, sledge)

The tool can be considered as an improved shovel. Instead of throwing the snow aside, you simply shift it. Although no, not just: the weight of the snow has not been canceled.

Flat buckets are called movers, and deep ones are called scrapers, or sledges.

There is one feature in the use of this snow plow tool: it is suitable for extended and flat surfaces and has not proven itself well on winding surfaces with ascents. A little better for this purpose are the models of scrapers with wheels


We are making another technological breakthrough and moving on to mechanized snow removal tools. The tillerblock is a powerful unit on wheels, which rakes snow into a bucket with an auger, then grinds it and throws it aside with a fountain through a special bell.

There are a lot of models of tillers on the market. They differ in power, size, and type of power (fuel or electricity).

The undoubted advantages include high efficiency and high cross-country ability. The disadvantages are a decent fuel or electricity consumption, high cost, noise (hello neighbors!) and the need for a specially designated storage space


Some useful tips for snow removal on a country plot

Keep a shovel near the door (house, gate, shed). To avoid calluses, when cleaning with a shovel, protect (and at the same time warm) your hands with gloves.
Dress lightly: physical labor will make you sweat a lot.
Do not grab everything at once, otherwise you will quickly lose the fuse and, God forbid, health. It is better to break the cleaning into feasible stages. At the beginning of the article you will find a list with the order of cleaning of the site.
Connect the children to the process: they will always be able to find a use for the extra snow.